School Attendance

Why is attendance important?

Excellent attendance at school is linked to better academic progress and attainment by ensuring pupils access a broad, balanced and knowledge-rich curriculum. It also ensures that pupils can benefit from the extra-curricular activities on offer at school that promote good social and emotional development.

 Parents have a legal duty to ensure that their child has an appropriate education. For most children in the UK this means full-time attendance at school.

How is attendance recorded?

Schools have a legal duty to take an attendance register twice a day. This is recorded on an electronic system called SIMS. Attendance is recorded each school day for an ‘AM’ and ‘PM’ mark. Where a pupil is absent from school the reason for this absence must be established as soon as possible and recorded on the SIMS attendance record.

 When should pupils attend school?
Pupils should attend on all school days as set out in the term dates available on the school website. Our doors open at  8:40. The register is taken at  08.45am. The morning registration period is open for 30 minutes from this time. Pupils who arrive after this period will be marked as late.

 What should happen if a child cannot attend school?

Parents should inform school as soon as possible that their child is unable to attend by ‘phoning 01752 822471. If a child is absent for more than one day parents should continue to update the school of the reason why daily.

 Can a child miss school for a medical or dental appointment?

Wherever possible medical and dental appointments should be arranged out of school hours. Where absence to attend an appointment is unavoidable the pupil should miss as little of the school day as possible. School should be informed of the appointment in advance and the pupil should be ‘signed-out’ at the time of the appointment via the Inventry system.

 Can a child miss school for a family holiday?

The law only allows Headteachers to authorise absence in exceptional circumstances. These reasons are listed in the main attendance policy and a leave request form must be completed in advance.

Please click on the link below to access a copy of our current pupil attendance policy.